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Analyzing the significance of race on the criminal justice system will help to understand where the disparities may occur.  Whether it be at the time of arrest, through the court system or at the point of corrections.  Understanding if this is an inherent systemic issue or if it is related to certain roles in the system will be critical to understanding the impact and how it can be addressed. 

  • Go to the UCR Publications website and select the most recent year that is listed.  Go to the selection called “persons arrested” and then highlight Table 43.  This table focuses on arrests by Race and Ethnicity.
  • Follow these guidelines to complete this assignment:
    • Review the data of the most recent year under the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for arrests by race and ethnicity. 
    • Review the data and provide a one to two paragraph summary of your findings as it relates to race and arrests that were made in that year. 
    • What are your conclusions from this data and your findings?  
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