js week 2 discussion


Objective 2: Identify the various issues that may be dealt with during the imprisonment of an inmate.

When an inmate is arrested and they go to jail, other people from all walks of life who were arrested for various other crimes are also in jail. In a holding cell, you may have a drunk throwing up, a homeless guy that has not bathed in months, a man that is angry at the world and a man who just robbed a store. You get the picture! You do not get to pick who your roommates are going to be. Every last inmate brings with them their baggage and issues.

  • Answer the following questions making sure to justify your responses:
    • What are the issues that inmates face while incarcerated?
    • Which person caught your attention and why?
    • What did you learn by watching the video?
    • Are there better ways of dealing with inmate and their issues?
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