animation history of the 60s


Below is a list of animators active during the 60s and 70s. Their work, whether because of new animation techniques or relevant socio-political themes, would help build an audience as well as acclaim for animation geared towards adult demographics.  

John and Faith Hubley (USA)

Sally Cruikshank (USA) 

Ryan Larkin (Canada)

Caroline Leaf (Canada)

Xu Jingda (China)

Andrei Khrjanovsky (Russia)

Fyodor Khitruk (Russia)

Renzo and Sayoko Kinoshita (Japan)

Bob Godfrey (UK)

Look over the list carefully and choose one animator (or animator couple) for a short research paper. In this essay, you will provide information on:

  • This animator’s career as an artist
  • their influences (personal experiences, other artists, etc) 
  • their innovative work
  • recurring themes or imagery in their storytelling
  • critical reception and impact (if any) on other artists or on animation today

As part of your research, you will watch two or three of their animated works aimed towards adults. Include a critical response to this artist’s work, using specific examples and descriptions from selections of their work.

This is a short 3-4 paragraph essay, in MLA format, including a works cited section. In order to keep the MLA format, you will have to submit it as a PDF or a Google Doc (make sure I have Access to the Document before submitting it!).    

As you make your choice, shop around a bit! Look up a bit about the artists, take a look at some of their artwork and themes before you decide. This topic should be something that interests you and you are comfortable researching. For instance, there may be jokes of a sexual nature, some graphic depictions of violence or war, etc.

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