Unit 1 Assigned Reading Review Questions


Answer the following questions from the assigned readings in the Lutheran Bible Companion, Volume 2.  These questions come straight from the readings so base your answers on the readings but put them into your own words.

1. Define the word “Canon” as it is used in the context of the New Testament
2. From the very beginning of the church what books were widely known and referred to by the church fathers?
3. According to Justin Martyr, what books were being used in worship services along with the Old Testament?
4. How did opponents of Christianity (heretics) help to solidify and establish the canon?
5. what do the writings of Irenaeus, Clement, and Tertullian show us about the development of the canon?
6. Describe several of Origen’s contributions to establishing the New Testament Canon.
7. Briefly describe the process of development that the canon went through from the third century, when no official list of NT books was established, and the fourth century, when the 27 books of the New Testament was firmly established.
8. What are the oldest manuscripts of the Bible available to us today? 
9. What order did Constantine give to encourage the spread of the Bible? Even with this order, why were most Christians still without a Bible of their own?
10. What breakthrough during the middle ages finally allow for widespread access to the Bible?
11. What is the Septuagint? 
12. Who was the first person to provide a good English translation of the Bible? What happened to him?

Read the assigned readings from the textbooks:

"The Development of the Canon"  - Lutheran Bible Commentary (LBC) pgs 155-164
"How the Bible came to us"  - LBC pgs 827-830

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