International Business Questions


QUESTION #2 is the most important. take your time you have a couple of days to finish. Each response should be around 250 words. #2 should be longer though. thank you. last response can be a bit shorter for #4. 

#1. What is the process of a nation’s economic transition?


#2. You work for a U.S. based snack foods company that has charged you with expanding into the Chinese market. Describe how you would go about determining how to tailor your products to sell in China. Would you have to change flavors or textures?  Do the Chinese eat a lot of sweets, or would you be better off focusing on your savory options?  Where would you want to sell your products?  In large grocery stores, at small corner shops, at sporting events?  Do most youngsters have pocket money in China?  Do you need to target youth or their parents?  Explain how you would promote your products in China’s very traditional culture.

#3. Explain how the United States’ current inflation affects currency markets, America’s debt repayment to other countries and currency speculation.

 #4. What is your opinion of the current conflict in Ukraine?

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