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Objective: Analyze conflict dynamics in a real-world setting.

It is easy to get too "academic" and fail to appreciate some of the myriad and complex layers of conflict present in any major conflict scenario. The learning activity tied to this objective will have you analyzing a classic film for its conflict dynamics. There is swearing in this film so apologies are in order; but it was felt that the overall learning value of the assignment was important.

  • Watch Twelve Angry Men
  • Prepare for discussion based on your observations of the film.
  • Include the following considerations in your preparation.
    • How does the film relate to the elements of this course?
    • What about the conflicts behind the conflicts?
    • How does one's worldview or previous experiences impact a conflict situation?
    • What skills does Fonda's character utilize to bring this conflict to resolution?
    • What is your own emotional response to the film? How did it impact you?
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