15 min presentation on the Crisis in Venezuela, with 3 page summary, single spaced.


Keep the presentation strictly limited to 10 minutes. In the presentation, first,

  • discuss the key issues of the case study (kind of abstract/synopsis of the overall case that will be discussed.) Spent 1-2 minutes on it.
  • Then spend 2-3 minutes on the background and key issues related to the case.
  • Then spend another 2-3 minutes on the solutions for the case, issues discussed, and then conclude the presentation with broader policy suggestions.

The performance of the presentation depends on the presentation style (5%), the content of the presentation, and the ability to respond to the questions (5). 

You also need to submit a two-page summary (singled spaced, times new Roman font size 12) of your presentation -- worth 5% marks. The presentation is due by the end of the presenting week. The summary should include the following:

  • Introduction to the problem statement;
  • Background;
  • Key takeaway points from this case-study;
  • Your policy suggestions;
  • Reference/Bibliography.
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