based off the question you proposed


uring Week 6, you will submit a research paper and presentation based on the research study you proposed during the first week of the course. At this point, you should minimally have a clear research plan with a timeline for implementation. Many students will have already collected data and started to analyze the results. After those steps are complete, you will write the results in a formal report and create a video presentation to share with your classmates.

Reflect on the research project. What have you accomplished so far? What still remains to be done? What is your plan for completing the project within the next 10 days?

Give a brief explanation of the research data collection you will be doing for your final project for Week Six.

Provide an explanation of your research question. Remember that your research question provides the overall guidance for your hypotheses, data collection, and data analysis.

Provide a description of your sample. How many people or data points are included? What are the demographics or characteristics of your sample? How did you locate and secure access to your sample?

Describe how you will collect the data. Will you conduct a survey or an observation? Or are you using another data collection technique? Will you collect data at one point in time or at multiple times?

Explain which statistical test you will be using and why..

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