RC devotional due tomorrow


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Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

There was once a poster that read, "Anxiety will not empty tomorrow with its troubles but it will empty today of its strength." So many times we get anxious about things over which we have no control, or worry about things that will never happen. Have you experienced anxiety in this course? Has it been as difficult as you anticipated? The Apostle Peter wrote, "With all things, cast your cares and anxiety on the Lord."

With His gift of clarity of mind and the gift of concentration, you will be able to focus and produce work that satisfies the requirements of this course. You may not get a perfect score on everything and that is not even important. However, you should strive to understand the theory behind the lessons, and this is most important of all. Remember, though this course is tough and you face many difficult problems, our God will never abandon you. Put aside your anxiety, cast your cares upon Him, and hang in there!

Discuss how you can apply this devotional to the subject of research.

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