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7th edition apa! 

Erik Erikson was a follower of Freud.  However, he disagreed with Freud on a couple of things.  First of all, he believed that adult development continued throughout the life span.  In addition, he believed development was not just some mechanical, biological thing that happened, but that human development is also very much affected by one’s social interaction.

  • Consider Erikson’s stages (google) Psychosocial stages This is just one page!!
  • Write a 1-page double spaced assignment indicating which stage you are in and which stage someone close to you is in (parent, spouse, child, friend, e.g.). Make sure you address the following points:
    • Does what Erikson says explain correctly what is happening in each of your lives? 
    • Why is it important for you to know what may be happening in the other person’s life as you relate with him/her?

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