terrorism 200 words only due tomorrow


Objective: Explain the sources of International, Homegrown, and Domestic Terror threats. 

Clearly since the tragedy of 9-11 and the World Trade Towers terrorism has been at the forefront of crimes widely recognized by the United States.  With the constant news barrage of acts of terrorism across the globe this chapter should suffice to at least make a brief introduction as to the sources of International, Homegrown, and Domestic Terror threats.  Briefly look at how these terror organizations are funded and why they can be so difficult to disarm and disband.  Given the underlying religious tones of the crime of terrorism, consider this crime in the context of the Bible. As a criminal investigator are there issues with automatically suspecting certain individuals because of their religious beliefs?  Because these types of crimes are often based on religion how should a criminal investigator approach the investigation?  Learn how to recognize a terrorism crime scene and what the future looks for criminal investigations on acts of terrorism. 

  • Do an online search and find at least one current news article (within the last six months) dealing with an act of terrorism.  

  • Post a summary of the article in the discussion forum.  Make sure you cite the article with a link.  Also discuss what aspects an investigator may be looking at specifically for that particular event.
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