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Objective: Demonstrate the ability to identify the elements for the crime of Larceny and specifically the different ways the “taking” can occur.  

Theft is one of the most unsolved crimes in the United States.  This includes the crime of identity theft since we live in an eve- expanding digital world with access to personal information at our fingertips on a routine basis.  As a criminal investigator it is essential to know the different ways larceny is committed and the challenges faced investigating and solving these crimes.  While these are really all termed white-collar crimes, you need to have a firm grasp of the different subcategories of white-collar crimes, since they are so wide-ranging and have such far-reaching repercussions.  A thorough understanding of the vocabulary in this chapter is essential to be able to investigate and intelligently discuss this type of criminal activity.

  • See Internet Activity Number 2 at the end of the chapter.  

    • Perform this activity and provide your answer within 250 words or less.

  • Submit between an 500 essay describing how we now define white collar crime.  

    • Include common types of white collar crime and problems faced by investigators of at least five different types of white collar crimes.

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