Rc discussion 2


Objective: Identify the evidence needed to distinguish between various types of bodily injury and wounds.  

Some of the most challenging and disturbing investigations the criminal investigator will ever handle deal with death and injury.  The investigator must step into the role of an independent person on the scene with an open mind as to what occurred.  The investigator should be comfortable photographing gruesome scenes in an effective manner so as to be able to recreate the scene if necessary and aid in and understand the autopsy.  It is important to understand postmortem changes to the body, evidence of wounds, indications of suicide, and fire deaths.  Finally, be prepared to handle serial murder cases and the evidence used to connect a serial murderer to multiple victims. 


  • Describe the purpose of an autopsy and the information frequently obtained.  Also describe how a criminal investigator should process a dead body at a crime scene to prepare for the autopsy.

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