ethnographic research project.



Answer the following questions:

I) Based on Ethnography of Communication consider (a) what the studies of Ethnography of Communication asks, and (b) in what ways do they draw on Ethnography of Communication?

II) How do the studies demonstrate some of the commitments and elements of Ethnography of Communication research?

III) Given a particular intellectual interest, how might you pose an ethnographic research question about it?


After you answer the previews questions, answer the followings:

1. Identify a research question, you would like to pursue as an ethnographic research project.

2.  Review and outline some of the main commitments your ethnography would have in order to carry out a study of that research question.  For this part you should

  • Make these commitments of Ethnography of Communication specific to your project.  Talk about how you hope to use Ethnography of Communication to carry out your particular research interest. These projections might change, but try to create a general schema for how you might begin to address your question(s).
  • You may also use additional Ethnography of Communication literature if you like.  But do make sure you use as much of the literature as is relevant to your proposed study.  The key here is to demonstrate that you understand  Ethnography of Communication as a theory and method for studying communication.

3. Finally, you want to address why (or why not) these commitments of Ethnography of Communication are both (a) relevant, and (b) important to your particular study.






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