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Objective 3: Demonstrate an ability to design, propose, and evaluate public policy in real world scenarios. In this assignment, you are to apply and align what you have learned about policy formation and execution with your own professional goals. You are to propose a public policy related to your own area of interest. Utilize material from the course to demonstrate a general understanding of policy design. Evaluate your proposed policy based on the criteria presented in the course.

  • Review the chapter readings for the course.
  • Write a 3 page paper designing your own public policy in your area of interest.
  • To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:
    • Provide background information on your proposed policy. What needs have driven the policy formation? Who is the target population that you hope to serve? What are the specific benefits that your policy hopes to offer? Provide reliable and statistical evidence to validate the need for this service.
    •  answer the following questions:
      • What are the goals and objectives of your policy?
      • What forms of benefits or services will be offered and how would they be delivered?
      • What are the eligibility rules of your proposed policy?
      • What type of administrative or organizational structure does your policy fall under?
      • Propose at least 3 ways that your policy may be financed.
      • Propose possible interactions with other policies (at least 2) and the consequences of these interactions.
    • Refer to Chapter 6 in your readings, particularly the section titled “Criteria for Evaluating Program Administration and Service Delivery.” The authors propose three criteria for policy evaluation. Conclude your paper with a discussion considering if your policy design and execution proposal will provide services that meet these criteria:
      • Integrated and continuous
      • Accessible to clients and beneficiaries
      • The organization delivering them should be accountable for its actions and decisions
    • Format your paper with a clear introduction and thesis statement, and conclusion summarizing main ideas.
  • Reference at least three scholarly sources.
  • Consult the rubric for further information.

All written assignments should be formatted using APA. For the current OCU APA Template, click the Student Toolkit in the top navigation bar and view the APA: Citation and Formatting Help page.

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