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It’s one thing to come up with a philosophy of conflict management, but it is quite another to put that philosophy into practice. This charting assignment will allow you to test the strengths and weaknesses of your personal philosophy of conflict management.  Now that you have completed your philosophy/theology of conflict management, you are going to apply it to a real-life conflict scenario.
IMPORTANT:  You must have completed your Philosophy Paper (Assignment 4) before completing this exercise!

  • Pick a real-life conflict from the news (provide a link to the news story).
  • Chart the conflict according to the definitions and categories you created in your paper. Don’t try to force things into your categories. If it doesn’t fit or work, that is okay.
  • Create two columns (in addition to your categories) on your chart that will include “It works” or “It does not work.” If there is a part of the case study that does not fit your categories, put it in the “does not work” column. If it does not work, make a note of why it does not fit in your categories.
  • Through this exercise, you should be able to identify what is missing from your philosophy of conflict management and, one day, go back and include it.
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