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As a mediator or negotiator in conflict management, you may be one of the last people someone calls for help. As such, it is important to know how to examine what others have done and said about the situation in which you are handling. When you examine what others have done you will want to be able to identify the things that were handled well and expose areas that did not fully address the problem. This involves evaluation and critique skills. The ability to critique and evaluate each other will sharpen your tools of conflict resolution. For instance, another classmate may expose something that you missed in your assessment of the Supreme Court’s decision. This allows you to practice humility and accept the helpful words and instructions from your peers. The assignment also allows you to learn how to constructively critique someone else’s work with humility and a genuine desire to increase their skills for conflict resolution.
Step 1:

  • Post your Church Conflict Case Study (Week 4, Assignment 4) into a discussion thread to make it available for others to review.

Step 2:

  • Read at least two of your fellow classmates Case Studies posted in the discussion.
  • Evaluate how they categorized the various elements of the study and their suggested resolution.
  • As you evaluate your classmates, you are looking for the following:
  • In what ways are your responses similar? (e.g. observations, theories, biblical passages)
  • In what ways are your responses different?
  • What is significant about the difference in your response?
  • Offer suggestions that might improve their response to the conflict?
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