rc week 3 200 words


Objective 2: Identify benefits/trade-offs of public policy as it relates to individual consumers and greater society. Our reading material this week begins by defining types of services offered through social policy programs. There are benefits of services that reach beyond the immediate impact on the client to many areas of society, most notably in economic growth. Our discussion this week will allow you to practice identifying the type of benefit offered, as well as issues that may cause some to question a policy's viability or effectiveness.

  • Identify a social policy in your area of interest, and identify what type of benefit or service it is. Rarely does a policy offer only one benefit form, so in many cases several different forms can be applicable.
  • Prepare to share in discussion the following points:
    • Define the policy, and provide a discussion on why you categorized the benefit in the way that you did.
    • Identify at least two issues or downfalls associated with this policy (Stigmatization, Cost-Effectiveness, Substitutability, Target Efficiency, and Trade-Offs).

This is a "post-first" discussion. You will need to post your initial post in order to

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