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Objective 3: Summarize the importance of public policy analysis in a human services worker’s role as well as a need for professional competence.
It is the professional’s responsibility to know the policy system well enough to perform a balancing act on behalf of their clients/consumers. You are all making the step to be well-informed as a professional by completing this class, yet learning will need to continue well beyond your degree program. In order to analyze our competence as workers in policy formation and execution, as well as understand how to advocate for our clients in the real world, professional knowledge in policy topics, and understanding one’s role in policy formation and analysis, are necessary.

Write a 1-page essay response to the following points:( PROBATION)
How comfortable are you currently with being familiar with social policy in your professional area?
What steps can you take to become more familiar with the policies that will be used to serve your clients (or those that may hinder them)?
What role in social policy (development, analysis, formation) do you see playing the greatest role in your future as a human services professional?

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