Enviromental Design




What is Environmental Design? Bodies + Space

‘How would the painter or poet express anything other than his encounter with the world?’

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

What kinds of public spaces do you encounter in your everyday meanderings, and how do they

respond to your use? How do you fit into the public spaces in your city?

1. Find an example of a public space and question how it celebrates, invites, ignores, rejects,

or otherwise responds to your use.

2. Make a photograph that shows your body in that spatial context. The photo should show

care and attention to composition as per the example above and tell a story of how you are

accommodated (or rejected, or squeezed, or?).

3. In 3 - 5 sentences, analyse the specific characteristics of the space shown in the photo,

that signal messages of invitation, of rejection, etc. Ex., open/closed, dark/bright etc.

4. You may use the layout of this project brief as a guideline. Create a word doc with the

photograph large enough to assume approximately half the upper portion of the page.

Create a title above the photo. Text based reflections should be left-aligned below the

photo, in sans serif 11pt font, single spaced.

The assignment should be in Chicago style citation.

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