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Jaclyn Valentino

Internal communication is an important part of a company’s success. Recruiting, hiring and training a new employee can cost more than paying an existing employee’s salary. Studies have found that productivity rose by 25% when employees used online tools and were more profitable by as much as 22% when employee engagement is high.

Some of the top companies who really excelled in their internal communication are Stagecoach, Amazon, Netflix, and Starbucks. Each company uses different internal communication techniques that match their employees needs and job. Stagecoach (which is a public transportation system in the UK) believes that employee engagement and good internal communication go hand in hand. Since 21,000 of their 30,000 employees work outside of the office, they found that the easiest way to communicate with them is through an app.  By using the app they were able to see a 32% increase in employee satisfaction with over 84% of their employees using the app within the first week. While an app is the best way for stagecoach to communicate with their employees Amazon has found a different way that works best for them. Amazon uses targeted, snack-sized bites of information to communicate with their employees. They found that most employees will stop reading any message with over 100 words. Amazon likes to keep their messages short and to the point. Starbucks believes that their employees are their brand ambassadors.  According to their CEO Howard Schultz “Employees are the true ambassadors of our brand, the real merchants of romance and theatre, and as such the primary catalysts for delighting customers.” Because of this motto Starbucks wants to make sure all their employees are on the same page about the brands key offerings, core values and what is expected of them.

               Because these companies were able to identify what their communication issues were and analyze their current as-is process, they were able to see what was working and what wasn’t. With adjusting their internal communication system, they were able to Improve their employee satisfaction and make sure their employees were up to date with procedures and expectations.


11 companies with the best internal communication today https://joinblink.com/intelligence/the-companies-nailing-internal-communication-today-11-inspiring-examples/

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James Hart


After considering our reading this week on how to improve processes with IT, I have tried to consider where IT has improved collaboration in everyday practice.  One area where I have seen collaboration improved as a result of IT in the process is through interactive Video conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) meetings.  Johns Hopkins Hospital and University work hand in hand through collaboration and research.  One must look retroactively to envision how the process traditionally looked having conference meetings to discuss findings and data and to have pure discussion between intellectual minds.  VCaaS has created a leap mark advantage by allowing people who have not readily been available to discuss in person to have intellectual debate from a distance.  Rather than discuss companies we all know that utilize this I have researched leading companies on the fore front of VCaas.  Zoom, Microsoft, Google (meet), are all leading VCaaS providers that spark innovation through collaboration. 


              The incorporation of interactive meetings must have caused a business reengineering of how meetings were organized.   “Cloud Video Conferencing, Video Conferencing as a Service, or VCaaS, has absolutely exploded over the last few years and especially in the current situation. Adoption has been rapid, with many enterprises keen to embrace a video-first culture. After all, used correctly, video boosts productivity, enhances engagement, and even keeps remote teams connected (Carter, 2020). Personal experience has played a distinguishing factor in my role, since COVID has started 2 years ago, by bringing people who were isolated by distance together so that progress could still be maintained.  Information can now be thoughtfully discussed and interpreted in real time which allows for greater advancement of decision making inadvertently caused by COVID 19.  VCaaS has created an IT application to our normal processes that allow collaboration on a higher level.




Carter, Rebekah. (2020, April 9) Top video conferencing providers 2020. UC today

Top Video Conferencing Providers 2020 - UC Today

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