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Objective 3: Analyze the impact current leadership trends in human services have on needs and expectations in goods and services delivery.

As you may know, the need for leadership in human services continues to grow each year. For example, human services residential properties requiring management services have grown at least 10% over the last few years. However, budgets are not always increasing to meet these additional needs. The same is happening with delivery of mental health treatment. Productivity standards have risen to as high as 100% in many treatment entities, often requiring unpaid overtime for administrative tasks. This is compared to expectations of 50% productivity in past years. Workers are stressed and turnover is high. These and other situations are causing human services leaders to realize that collaboration within agencies and between the public and private sectors is necessary. There is a growing focus on wellness, defined holistically within the areas of social, financial, physical, and mental health. Prevention will likely become a critical, strategic goal.

  • Read the article Prevention & Wellness
  • Write a 1-page response to the following points:
    • After reading about each of the seven categories in the article, choose two that you find important to prevention.
      • Discuss why you think they are important.
      • Explain how this may lessen the need for other services.
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