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Objective 1: Identify traits in human services leaders that positively motivate employees.

It is well known that management leaders are more effective when they are able to inspire their employees to do their jobs well; however, many times in human services this does not happen. Have you ever been inspired by a leader such as a manager or even a teacher? What types of qualities did they display which helped you do your job better?

On the other hand, what types of qualities did management leaders display which left you with the feeling that you did not want to do your job? What negative qualities did they display?

  • Prepare to share in discussion the following points:
    • What types of managerial traits inspire you, an employee, to do well?
    • What types of managerial traits “turn you off” as an employee?
    • Assuming that you have a great deal of negative stress to handle in your job as a human services manager/administrator, what role might that play when dealing with employee issues?
    • How can you turn your negative stress responses into ones that are positive and inspire employees who look to you for guidance?
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