Writer Reflection


Write a reflection of at least 350 words reflecting on your own reading, writing, and thinking habits. Let the questions below guide you to get started.  Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate what you learned from the first set of readings. I would like to see you mention the idea of "ENGFISH" and your experience with that. Let this also be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your writing style and power. 


  • What is an essay?
  • What process have you used in the past when you had writing tasks to complete?
  • How do you usually approach a difficult reading task?
  • Describe your thinking process and how have you used reflection before to help you with difficult decisions and tasks. 
  • What has changed about your thinking after our class's readings and discussions? 
  • What new approaches, strategies, or considerations will you apply to your reading, writing, and thinking? 
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