rc discussion week 5


Objective: Describe the leading theorists who ascribe to the Trait Perspective theories of Allportian Trait Theory and Factor-Analytic Trait Theory.

Featured theorists this week are Gordon Allport and Raymond Cattell. They are categorized as being from the Trait perspective.

  • Read Chapters 12 and 13 in your textbook.
  • Watch The big five OCEAN traits explained – personality quizzes.
  • In your initial post, choose one prompt to answer for the initial post.
    • For your replies, respond to a student that chose the opposite prompt.
    • Be sure to share one takeaway that you gained from their post.

Prompt # 1: Cattell

  • Cattell completed a factor analysis of the 4,000 to 5,000 traits proposed by Allport and come up with 16 source traits. Further analysis resulted in the “Big Five Theory.” Identify each of the Big Five personality characteristics.
  • Explain if you feel that using statistical analysis to refine personality traits was a significant accomplishment of Cattell. Be sure to support your answer with critical analysis.
  • Analyze your personality from the big five personality traits. First, share whether you feel that you or introverted or extroverted. Explain the degree that your personality fits all the “Big Five” traits.

Prompt # 2: Allport

  • Discuss the objectives of Allport’s theory, and his perspectives related to using thousands of traits to define personality.
  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of Allport’s theory.
  • Share your cardinal personality trait and 3-5 of your central personality traits.
  • Do you think everyone has a cardinal trait? Why or why not?

For your replies, respond to a student that chose the opposite prompt.

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