RC week 4 discussion 200 words


Objective: Describe the leading theorists who ascribe to the Humanistic perspectives of Self-Actualization Theory and Existential Psychology.

This week’s theorists are Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and Rollo May. While previous theories have been from a psychodynamic perspective, these theories are categorized as being from the humanistic perspective.

  • Respond to the following discussion prompt:
    • While May provided some valuable contributions to personality theory, his work is sometimes discounted because of the lack of consistency in his writings and the lack of rigor with which his psychological concepts were (or were not) investigated. This lack of rigor in research methodologies provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of using supportive data in the study of psychology.
    • Likewise, May’s existential theory is often not a favorite of students. Share your perspectives of May’s theory.
      • Would you apply his theory in your personal or professional life?
      • Why or why not? Support your answer.
    • Does May’s theoretical approach align with a Biblical worldview? Again, you need to support your answer with strong critical thinking skills and support with the textbook and scripture.
    • In your response to classmates, ask them a question, provide new insight, or extend their original thought in a meaningful way.
    • Be sure to cite the textbook and scripture to support your initial post.
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