RC WEEK 2 discussion due thursday


Objective: Describe the leading theorists who ascribe to the Psychodynamic perspectives of Analytical Psychology, Individual Psychology, and Horneyan Theory.

Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, and Karen Horney all build on Freud’s theories with their individual psychodynamic framework

 Horney’s theory.

  • Horney proposes three characteristics of basic anxiety and three corresponding neurotic solutions.
    • Identify those characteristics and reflect upon the “solutions.”
  • Do you feel that some individuals have more neurotic tendencies than others?
    • Why or why not?
  • Share 2-3 real-life examples that you feel exemplify Horney’s theory.
  • Consider if a Biblical worldview can be integrated into Horney’s theoretical concepts.
    • If not, how would you mitigate changing this theory to be more accepting of scriptural truth?
  • Cite the textbook to support your initial post.
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