Reflective Paper



Each student will write a personal response reflective paper that investigates and identifies the essential ingredients in communicating successfully as a professional. Introspective means self-awareness and self-examination, being aware of your own perceptions, thoughts and feelings. This is a personal paper that requires self-reflection. The assignment will be marked using the Short Answer Writing Response Marking Rubric contained in this course outline. You may write this paper in the first person.

Your reflective paper must address the following areas:

  • What different forms of communication occur in your role as a professional? How do you build trust? 
  • What communication skills are needed to develop a professional relationship between clients, families and colleagues? 
  • What are the communication hurdles? How would you address them (i.e., personal stories and research)? 
  • What insights do you now have in regards to your own communication style and the style of others? 
  • What insights do you now have in regards to how your perceptions, fears and judgment influence how you communicate?
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