RC essay 1


Objective: examine the role of judges within the federal and state court systems.

All judges are attorneys. They practiced as attorneys before becoming judges, and have the same legal education requirements as attorneys. But now they have stepped into a different role within the judicial system. Instead of advocate, they have become the decision-maker.

Because this role is so significantly different from that of an attorney, it is important to understand how judges are appointed or elected, the hierarchy of the judicial system, how they interact to make decisions, and the repercussions of their decisions on society

  • Consider the following quote in Chapter 6 as to the characteristics of a good Judge by Yale Law Professor, Geoffrey Hazard: "Scratch the average person’s idea of what a judge should be and it’s basically Solomon.”
  • For your response, in 1 page, describe the intention behind the quote above and how you perceived it.
  • Use at least two Scripture references applicable to this quote as references.
  • Consider the role of judges in the Bible and how they might compare to the current role of judges within our society.
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