JC why study ethics discussion


This is a course in Christian ethics, which ultimately means that the perspective of the course arises out of a Christian worldview. Although there are a number of ways to frame our understanding of this, a Christian worldview follows the basic narrative arc of the Bible, and includes some essential dimensions such as: Creation, Fall (Sin/Evil), and Redemption through Jesus Christ. Chapter One of Rae, Moral Choices, points out some important reasons to study ethics in general, which we will want to supplement by thinking about how to study ethics particularly as Christians.

  • Read Chapters 1
  • Complete the answers to Chapter 1 Study Questions 1, 3, 4, 6 & 7 with 3 to 4 sentences ONLY!!
  • Prepare to discuss what difference it makes being a Christian when it comes to ethics.

Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Quoting or paraphrasing from any source in discussion posts requires APA format by including an in-text citation and listing the reference at the end of the post.

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