16 question exam


  • yped using an equation editor into a new blank document and saved as a single file
  • neatly handwritten, scanned, and saved as a single file. Be sure that the pages are right-side-up and in order.

*** Please note that with both options ONE single file is required. ***

• You MUST show all of your work to receive full credit. If you have questions about

showing work, please ask.

• The Final Exam is open book and open notes. You may refer to your textbook, notes,

and online classroom materials, but you may not consult with anyone in person or

online. You may not use any online service to solve any of the problems.

After working all of your problems on the exam, write your final answer for each question on the exam on the provided answer sheet.  This process will help you to not overlook any question.  Correct answers on the answer sheet will not count for full credit unless you also, include your supporting work on additional sheet. 

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