The purpose of this final paper is to help you synthesize your insights from your previous papers into a final paper for the course regarding the development of spiritual formation and its place within the life of the believer.

  • Write a 2-3 page paper which covers the following points:
    • Review the major papers you have written in this course, asking yourself which concepts have really impressed you as vital for a healthy, growing spiritual life.
    • Explain the top 5 insights you have gleaned from this course, using biblical support and pertinent quotes from both Boa and other high-quality sources.
    • Include in your analysis of these 5 insights how Christians from earlier centuries demonstrated their importance, and how this was exemplified in their lives.
    • Conclude the paper with an assessment of your own spiritual growth during the 5 weeks of the course.  Where did you start?  How did you grow?  What evidence do you see of spiritual growth?  How will this impact your future ministry?
    • You may use some material from your previous papers, however, if you quote yourself be sure to include an appropriate citation and Reference entry and avoid self-plagiarism.
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