The goal of this assignment is to help you understand an important issue in the world of work today and at the same time helps you to develop your ability to read with a deeper level of understanding, to think critically about what you read and to write more effectively. 

Carefully read this reading (the introduction to this book), which you will find at the very end of the custom courseware package: 

Monbiot, G. (2019, April 25). Dare to declare capitalism dead – before it takes us all down with it.

The Guardian. Retrieved from 

990TheGuardian1.pdf          387TheGuardian2.pdf             888TheGuardian3.pdf         699TheGuardian4.pdf

Answer the questions below. Write a separate numbered answer for each question. Write as if you were explaining this reading to a 1st-year university student who has not read it and who does not know anything about the topic. 

1. What is the author’s central argument (thesis)?

2. What evidence is presented to support the central argument?

3. How effectively do you think the evidence supports the central argument?

4. In your view, does this reading have particular strengths? If so, what are they?

5. In your view, does this reading have particular weaknesses? If so, what are they?

6. Do you agree or disagree with the central argument? Explain the reasoning behind your agreement or disagreement clearly and in detail. Your answer to this question needs to be substantial. 

Length: 1200 words Due Date: Sept.16 this assignment is worth 25% of the final course grade. Notes on Format, Submitting the Assignment, and References 

The assignment must be typed and double-spaced.

Be sure to cite all ideas and words that are not your own. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.  Please use APA style for citing sources. 

Be sure to include a references page at the end of the paper and list the required reading there (along with any other sources, if you consulted any). 

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