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Chargaff’s Rules Practice (40 points) Name: ______________________________ Chargaff’s rules use our knowledge of DNA structure to determine the percentages of each nucleotide in a strand of DNA. We know that adenine pairs with thymine and cytosine pairs with guanine. So, the following rules are true: Use Chargaff’s Rules to predict the bases’ percentage in each of the following DNA situations. 1. 24% Adenine , _______% Thymine (1 pt) 2. 30% Cytosine , _______ % Guanine (1 pt) 3. 23% Guanine , _______% Cytosine, _______% Adenine, 27% Thymine (2 pt) 4. _______% Adenine, _______% Cytosine, _______% Thymine, 14% Guanine Show your work. (4 pt) 5. Of 42 base pairs, 22 nucleotides are guanine. (3pt) a. How many nucleotides contain cytosine? _______ b. Adenine? _______ c. Thymine? _______ 6. A strand of DNA has these bases: AGC CAT GTA TAC. What is the complementary DNA strand? (1pt) A. ACG GAT CTA TAG B. TCG GTA CAT ATG C. TGC CTA GAT ATC D. UCG CUA CAU AUG 7. These bases are of two different types of molecules: purines and pyrimidines.  Purines have  _______ ring(s) in their structure, and pyrimidines have _______ ring(s) in their structure. (2pt) 8.  The two bases that are purines are: a. _______ b. _______ (2pt) 9.  The two bases that are pyrimidines are: a. _______ b. _______ (2pt) 10.  Write the complementary sequence to following DNA strand: (5pt) AAT TCGCCGGTAT TAGACGTA 11.  On the image below, to complete the following: (3pt) ● Circle a nucleotide. ● Label the sugar and phosphate. ● Label the bases that are not already labeled with either A, C, T, or G. 12. Complete the table below using Chargaff’s Rules. (4pt) DNA Percent Percent Percent Percent sample adenine thymine guanine cytosine 1 34 2 26 3 18 4 12 13. If a section of DNA consisted of 48 nucleotides, and 10 of them were adenine nucleotides, how many thymine, guanine, and cytosine nucleotides are there? (3pt) Base Number of nucleotides thymine guanine cytosine 14. If a section of DNA consisted of 66 base pairs, and 12 of the nucleotides contained cytosine as a base, how many thymine, guanine, and adenine nucleotides are there? (3pt) Base Number of nucleotides thymine guanine adenine 15. If a section of DNA consisted of 26 nucleotides, and 6 of them were guanine nucleotides, how many thymine, cytosine, and adenine nucleotides are there? (3pt) Base Number of nucleotides thymine cytosine adenine Honors Extension Question (Required) Write your own question considering Chargaff’s Rules. You may draw inspiration from any of the previous questions or come up with a completely new type of question! (1pt)