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Network Design Design a network for a luxury residence hall that will serve honor students at the University of Houston. The residence will be eight floors, with a total of 162 two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments on floors 3–8. The first floor has an open lobby with a seating area and separate office area, whereas the second floor has meeting rooms. Floors 1 and 2 are smaller than the upper floors (100 feet by 70 feet) because a parking garage is built around the outside of these floors. The measurement of third to eight floors are 240 by 150 feet. The offices and server room on the first floor is for the university’s residence hall administration, which manages all the university’s residences. One design goal is to keep this network as separate as possible from the network in the rest of the building to provide greater security. Deliverables: 1. Design the LANs for first floor and second floor only, the distribution layer backbone that will connect the different floors in the building, and the part of the network that will connect into the campus core backbone. Specify where the network equipment would be placed (use the floor plans provided). The required maps for your design are listed below. The design must contain the type of cables, name of the devices, Wi-Fi channels, IPs, subnets, connections, and other related information for the physical topologies. Document the subnets for the first floor, per LAN and per access – secured or guest. Plan carefully when listing the CIDR ranges for each subnet. The recommendation is to use the provided reference tables when decided the ranges for your subnets. Subnets specification example: – or 10.0.0.x • Dotted Decimal Notation: • CIDR format (IP Range): • Subnet Mask: 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000 • Binary Subnet Mask: 2. Specify the products/devices in your design and provide their cost and the total cost of the network. You can refer to CDW (cdw.com) to list the products. To ensure quality, use only Cisco devices. Required Maps: 1. Floor 1 MDF (Main Distribution Facility) room details for 1 GHZ network 2. Floor 1 wired network 1 GHZ CIS 3347 Network Design - Final Project Page 1 | 4 3. Floor 1 Wi-Fi for employees and residents 5 GHZ 4. Floor 1 visitors Wi-Fi 2.4 GHZ 5. Floor 2 wired network 1 GHZ 6. Floor 2 Wi-Fi for employees and residents 5 GHZ 7. Floor 2 visitors Wi-Fi 2.4 GHZ 8. Floor 3 – 8 west wing wired network 1 GHZ 9. Floor 3 – 8 west wing Wi-Fi for employees and residents 5 GHZ 10. Floor 3 – 8 west wing visitors Wi-Fi 2.4 GHZ 11. Floor 3 – 8 East wing wired network 1 GHZ 12. Floor 3 – 8 East wing Wi-Fi for employees and residents 5 GHZ 13. Floor 3 – 8 East wing visitors Wi-Fi 2.4 GHZ 14. A high-level map for all floors Recommendations: • 1 GHZ network including 2 drops for offices including Voice/IP. • 1 GHZ network including 4 drops for residents’ rooms including Voice/IP. • Wi-Fi for employees and residents 5 GHZ with proper securities. • Wi-Fi for visitors 2.4 GHZ • Consider two Active Directory(s) for authenticating and DHCP use for residents and building employees. • Consider securities for the network. • Consider a backup system and disaster recovery. Reference Tables: Table 1: IPv4 Subnet Result for - Network Address Usable Host IP Range CIS 3347 Network Design - Final Project Page 2 | 4 Broadcast Address Total Number of Hosts 16,834 Number of Usable Hosts 16,832 Subnet Mask 11111111.11111111.11000000.00000000 Binary Subnet Mask B /18 IP Class Private CIDR Notation IP Type Table 2: All Possible Networks for 172.16.x.x Network Address Useable Host Range Broadcast Address - - - - Broadcast Address Table 3: All Possible Networks for 192.168.0.x Network Address Useable Host Range - Table 4: Hardware Recommendations Hardware IP Subnet Type Location Router(s) 172.16.1.x Network MDF Core Switch 1 … Network MDF Core Switch 2 117722..1166..00..1200 … Network MDF CIS 3347 Network Design - Final Project Page 3 | 4 Switch 1 … Network MDF Firewall … Network MDF AP 5GHZ … Network 1st floor AP 2.4 GHZ Network 2nd floor Active Directory 1 192.168.0.x Server MDF Active Directory 2 … Server MDF Printer server … Server MDF … … … … … … Table 5: All Possible DHCP Range for 172.16.x.x & 192.168.0.x Network Component Host Range Visitors Wi-Fi - Wired Network - Employees and residents - 172.16. 255.254 W…i-Fi … CIS 3347 Network Design - Final Project Page 4 | 4