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Facts: In April of 2014 officers were dispatched to a residence with the report of a deceased male.  Upon arrival at the scene a white male was found unclothed and covered only with a blanket slumped over in a lazy boy recliner.  The male had what appeared to be bullet wounds on the chin with at least one exit wound behind the right ear.  There was also a large gash on the victim’s right forearm.  In addition there were shell casings on the floor behind the recliner, blood spatter on the wall behind the chair and on the ceiling of the living room.  The residence did not show any evidence of forced entry.

The victim’s hat had been moved from its original resting place which was evidenced by a missing .357 that always laid under the hat with easy access for the victim.  In addition officers discovered 6 other missing long guns from a gun cabinet in the residence and a small lock box open with contents gone.  There was also blood marks on various medications on the kitchen counter.  Before officers arrived there had already been 2 different EMT’s in the residence, a few family members, and a friend with her son who originally discovered the body.


What evidence should be processed at this scene and why?Who are the parties?  Who might need to be interviewed and what interview questions are applicable?What facts are important? Unimportant?Is any significant information missing?Are there safety considerations here?What follow-up might be necessary?