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GRADE 10 END OF YEAR REVISION: BUSINESS STUDIES 2021 INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION Read the following instructions carefully before answering the questions. 1. This question paper consists of THREE sections and covers all main topics. SECTION A: COMPULSORY SECTION B: Consists of THREE questions. Answer any TWO of the four questions in this section. SECTION C: Consists of TWO questions. Answer any ONE of the TWO questions in this section. 2. Read the instructions for each question carefully and take particular note of what is required. 3. Number the answers carefully according to the numbering system used in this question paper. No marks will be awarded for answers that are numbered incorrectly. 4. Except where other instructions are given, answers must be written in full sentences. 5. Use the mark allocation and nature of each question to determine the length and depth of an answer. 6. Begin the answer to EACH question on a NEW page, for example QUESTION 1 – new page, QUESTION 2 – new page, et cetera. 7. You may use a non-programmable calculator. 8. Write neatly and legibly. SECTION A (COMPULSORY) QUESTION 1 1.1 Various options are provided as possible answers to the following questions. Choose the answer and write only the letter (A–D) next to the question number for example 1.1.11 E. 1.1.1 The market environment include …………… A Difficult employees B Vision and mission C Customers D Political changes 1.1.2 The following components are part of the macro business environment A Suppliers and intermediaries 2 BUSINESS STUDIES B Buyers and competitors C Unemployment and inflation D Managers and workers of a company 1.1.3 Intermediaries operate in the ... sector of the economy. A market B primary C secondary D tertiary 1.1.4 A Sole trader has … A limited liability and limited continuity. B unlimited liability and unlimited continuity. C limited liability and unlimited continuity. D unlimited liability and limited continuity. 1.1.5 With respect to SWOT analysis, high demand for COVID 19 masks is a A Strength B Weakness C Business opportunity D Business threat (5 x 2) (10) 1.2 Choose the correct WORD(S) from those given in brackets. Write down only the word(s) next to the question number in the answer sheet. 1.2.1 (Market protocol / Market research) include interviews and questionnaires 1.2.2 (Creativity / Innovation ) is coming up with new ideas 1.2.3 (Planning / Leading ) is the process of coming up with goals and strategies 1.2.4 (Supervisors / Chief executive officers) are found in the top management level 1.2.5 (Selection / Placement ) is carried out through interviews and tests. (5 x 2) (10) SECTION A TOTAL [ 30 ] Copyright reserved Please turn over BUSINESS STUDIES 3 1.3 Choose a description from COLUMN B that matches a term in COLUMN A. Write only the letter (A–J) next to the question number (1.3.1–1.3.5) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example 1.3.6 K. COLUMN A COLUMN B 1.3.1 Profitability A Coming up with a solution 1.3.2 Bank overdraft B An example of a business goal area 1.3.3 Vision C The movement between countries 1.3.4 Globalisation of more and more people, goods, 1.3.5 Problem solving capital and ideas D Generating new ideas E Short term loan from a bank F Generating new product G An example of zoning H A dream for the future I Long term loan from a bank J Finding employees from inside the business (5 x2)(10) TOTAL SECTION A: 30 Copyright reserved Please turn over 4 BUSINESS STUDIES SECTION B Answer ANY TWO questions in this section. NOTE: Clearly indicate the QUESTION NUMBER of each question that you choose. The answer to EACH question must start on a NEW page, for example QUESTION 2 on a NEW page, QUESTION 3 on a NEW page, et cetera. QUESTION 2: BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT AND BUSINESS OPERATIONS BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT [ 2016 CONTROL TEST, MPUMALANGA] 2.1 Read each of the following statement and indicate the type of business among Micro- environment, Market environment and Macro environment. Write type of environment . 2.1.1 New labour laws 2.1.2 Empowering the local community. 2.1.3 Actions by the Greenpeace Organisation . 2.1.4 New developments in the computer industry . 2.1.5 John operating the drilling machine in the factory (10) 2.2 Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow. BLUE SKY AIRLINES Blue Sky airlines is facing a 30 percent increase in fuel costs. They are losing bookings to Cape Coast Airlines and their cash flow is critical. This company has enough funds for its operations. There is a great increase in customer demand for air transport. 2.2.1 Name the business sector in which Blue Sky Airlines operate. Motivate (2) your answer. 2.2.2 Compile a SWOT analysis for Blue Sky airline by copying & filling in this table. SWOTs Quotation/Motivation [ fill this Colum only ] marks S: 2 W: 2 T: 2 O:: 2 Copyright reserved Please turn over BUSINESS STUDIES 5 {20} BUSINESS OPERATIONS [ JUNE 219 PAPER 1 Q3 & 4] 2.3 , Leadership, Purchasing function and Quality control are very important in business. 2.3.1 Explain TWO advantages of Quality control (4) 2.3.2 Differentiate between Management and Leadership (4). 2.3.2 Explain any FIRST THREE steps of the purchasing function (6) 2.3.3 Name any THREE Consumer rights in terms of the Consumer protection Act (6) {20} [40 ] QUESTION 3: BUSINESS VENTURES AND BUSINESS ROLES [ NOV 2019 P2] BUSINESS VENTURES 3.1 Name FOUR advantages of a sole trader as a business ownership. (4) 3.2 Outline FIVE aspects of a Marketing mix (10) 3.3 Discuss FOUR factors to be considered when preparing a presentation (6) {20} BUSINESS ROLES [NOV 2019 Q3 P2] 3.4 Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow. MEGA MOBILE MEGA Mobile has been experiencing decline in profit due to load shedding and lack of financial planning. However they have bought a generator as a back-up in case of load shedding. MEGA Mobile has recently received a tender to supply schools with tablets and laptops. Recently , they have been providing meals to the local old age home and organised an HIV Awareness programme to the community. Copyright reserved Please turn over 6 BUSINESS STUDIES (2) 3.4.1 Identify one challenge/problem faced by MEGA Mobile. 3.4.2 Formulate a SMART business objective for MEGA Mobile (2) 3.4.3 Define the term ‘Corporate social responsibility ’ [CRS] (2) 3.4.4 Quote an example of practice of CRS by MEGA Mobile (2) 3.4.5 Suggest other CSR initiatives that MEGA Mobile can be involved (2) 3.5 Outline FIVE steps in the problem solving cycle (10) {20} [40] QUESTION 4: MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTS [Paper 1 Nov 2014 MP] 4.1 Identity sectors described in each statement below: (3 x 2)(6) 4.1.1 GO Cask & carry company selling groceries to the nearby community (2 x2)(4) 4.1.2 QUALITY FOODS Company is breeding chicken & growing vegetables 4.1.3 RR Leader Company buys skins of slaughtered cattle to make jackets {10} 4.2 Differentiate between Formal and Informal sector BUSINESS OPERATIONS [Nov 2015 Qn 10 MP ] 4.3 Identify and discuss the THREE levels of management in terms of their responsibilities (6) 4.4 Discuss the following business functions 4.4.1 Marketing function (2) 4.4.2 Production function (2) {10} BUSINESS VENTURES [ Nov 2015 Qn 3 MP] 4.5 Outline FOUR factors that must be considered when locating an Internet business (8) 4.5 State TWO aspects considered during preparing for a presentation (2) Copyright reserved {10} Please turn over BUSINESS STUDIES 7 BUSINESS ROLES [ Paper 2 Topic ] 4.6 Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow. FLYING HIGH Flying High is a travel agency that offers transport and accommodation bookings for international sporting teams. They are finding that more teams are arranging their own bookings and are concerned that they will be out of business soon. The management of Flying High decided to request a group of business experts to complete questionnaires to help solve their problem. 4.6.1 Identify the problem-solving technique used by Flying High to solve their (4) problem. Motivate your answer. 4.6.2 Explain to Flying High the advantages of the problem-solving technique identified in QUESTION 4.7.1. (2) 4.6.3 Discuss any FOUR criteria for successful teams (4) {10} [40] Copyright reserved Please turn over 8 BUSINESS STUDIES SECTION C Answer ANY ONE questions in this section. NOTE: Clearly indicate the QUESTION NUMBER of each question that you choose. The answer to EACH question must start on a NEW page, for example QUESTION 5 on a new page, QUESTION 6 on a NEW page. QUESTION 5: BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT [ Paper 1, Nov. 2014 MP Qn 7 modified ] Contemporary Socio-economic issues are negatively affecting our communities and the economy. Government alone cannot afford to address these challenges, hence the contribution by every stakeholder is essential. With reference to the statement above: [40] Elaborate on the meaning of ‘Socio-economic issues’ Explain the effect of Unemployment on a business and possible solutions. Discuss the effect of HIV & AIDS on business and possible solutions Outline effects of Piracy on business and possible solutions. QUESTION 6: BUSINESS ROLES Many studies have shown that the most successful businesses are those that actively do creative thinking and problem-solving. With reference to the statement above: [40] Elaborate on the meaning of ‘ Creative thinking’ Discuss the benefits/advantages of Creative thinking. Discuss the differences between Problem-solving and Decision making Outline steps of application of Brainstorming technique. Copyright reserved TOTAL SECTION C: 40 Please turn over BUSINESS STUDIES 9 GRAND TOTAL: 150 ========================= END================================== Copyright reserved Please turn over 10 BUSINESS STUDIES (EC/NOVEMBER 2017) Copyright reserved Please turn over