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Engineering an Empire: Aztecs Video Questions

1. Why was the girl at the beginning of the video killed by the Aztecs?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. The Aztecs were banished to an island on Lake __________________. Today this is the city of


3. What sign did the Aztecs see that led them to build Tenochtitlan? (hint: it involved a snake) ___________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Why were the ruins of Teotihaucan important to the Aztecs? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Explain how the Aztecs were able to build Tenochtitlan even though the land was very swampy.


6. What was the purpose of the causeways? ________________________________________________

7. Why didn’t the Aztecs use animals or the wheel to move heavy things?


8. The Aztecs built ________________________ to get freshwater to Tenochtitlan.

9. By 1449 AD, the Aztec Empire contained ____________________ people.

10. _________________ was a major threat to Tenochtitlan because of its location.

11. What was the purpose of the chinampas? ________________________________________________

12. How were messages sent along Aztec roads? _____________________________________________

13. Why was the Temple Mayor built? ______________________________________________________

14. How was the building of the temple celebrated? ____________________________________________

15. Why were the Aztec spies along the Gulf of Mexico confused by what they saw? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

16. Who joined Cortes along the way as he moved closer to the Aztecs? ___________________________

17. Describe the first meeting of Cortes and Montezuma. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

18. In the spring of 1520, the Spanish interrupted a __________________________ which caused the Aztecs to revolt. _______________________ was killed.

19. What happened to the Spanish when they tried to escape Tenochtitlan? _________________________

20. How did the Spanish finally defeat the Aztecs? _____________________________________________

21. ____________________ people died of disease brought by Europeans.

22. Your own opinion- Which of the achievements of the Aztecs described in the video do you find most impressive?

Why? Answer in a complete sentence. ___________________________________________________