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COM111 NCG Infographic Assignment Infographic Transfer Assignment An infographic is a visual representation of information. It uses images and short chunks of text to make information accessible to wide audiences. Infographics are used to make information easier to read, understand and digest. The Situation: Imagine the Career Centre at Seneca has asked you to create an infographic for Seneca students on the challenges generation Y faces in finding stable work. This infographic will be in the Career Centre and on the Seneca website. The Task: Use key information from this week’s reading to create an infographic that will both engage and inform students. The reading: 'I can't even get a job waitressing': Gen Y on its work woes By: Rob Carrick When creating your infographic, do the following: Consider your audience, tone, and purpose Include only important information Use images that enhance the design of the infographic Paraphrase all information. Do not use any direct quotes from sources Only use the article as a source of information – do not find other sources on the internet for this assignment Include an APA reference at the bottom of the infographic for the article Include an APA reference for where each image was found in the infographic You can use websites such as Canva.com to create your infographic. Submit your final infographic through Blackboard in “Assignment Submission” by Sunday, March 21st at 11:59 pm.